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Himiway D5 (Zebra) Electric Fat Tyre Bike, Latest Model

Himiway D5 (Zebra) Electric Fat Tyre Bike, Latest Model

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Himiway D5 (Zebra) Electric Fat Tyre Bike

The Himiway D5 (Zebra) is an updated version of the Himiway Cruiser and comes in either gray, green or skyline livery. It's equipped with a powerful 250W and high end geared rear wheel hub motor using the latest upgraded inner ring enabling increased speed, faster acceleration and improved performance.

The fabulous 26-inch Kenda fat tyre increases traction minimising slippage on wet and unstable ground helps to prevent the bike sinking into mud or snow. With a removable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells, the Zebra e-bike is able to travel up to 80 miles with pedal assist. Get your D5 (Zebra) and go wild on a Himiway. 

The top speed of this model is 15.5MPH in line with UK regulations.

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Himiway Bike Price Match

Power Drive Bikes will match the online price for any of the Himiway electric bikes we currently offer. Please email us with the web address for the bike and will reduce the price by a further £10.00

Please note that the price match does need to have the same criteria as our offers, 

  1. Free Delivery to UK mainland
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Unleash Your Adventure with Himiway D5 (Zebra)

Explore the world of superior performance with the Himiway D5 (Zebra), a bike that reanalyzes the standards of all-terrain cycling. Designed to conquer any trail with ease, the Himiway Zebra is known for its great top speed and durability.

  • Speed Meets Power: With a maximum speed that sets it apart, the Himiway Zebra confirms you're still ahead of the group.
  • All-Terrain Versatility:Whether it's city roads or wild trails, the D5 (Zebra) bike fat tyres provide unmatched stability and traction.
  • Long-Lasting Performance:Prepared with a full battery, this bike offers an extended range for all your adventures.
  • Comfort and Control:Encounter a smooth ride with superior shock absorption and responsive braking.

Embark on your next journey with the Himiway Zebra, where speed and experience meet. PowerDrive Bikes invites you to experience the thrill of the ride with cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance.

Sensor Options

  • Torque Sensor - is the amount of power/pressure you are putting on the pedal.
  • Cadence Sensor - is how fast you're peddling.

Further information on the sensor options of electric bikes is available in 'A Guide to Cadence and Torque Sensors' in our guides section of the home page.

Himiway Bike Price Match

Power Drive Bikes will match the online price for any of the Himiway electric bikes we currently offer. Please email us with the web address for the bike and will reduce the price by a further £10.00

What's Included?

Discounted Himiway Bike Bundles

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Zebra + Battery - Was £2,688.00, Now £2,538.00 save £150

Zebra + Rear Bag - Was £2,108.00, Now £2,088 save £20

Zebra + Pannier Bag - Was £2,098.00, Now £2,078 save £20

Zebra + Basket - Was £2,098.00, Now £2,078 save £20

Hub Drive & Torque Rating 

The Himiway D5 (Zebra) Fat Tyre Electric Bike is a rear wheel, geared hub drive bike. This means that the drive motor is positioned in the rear wheel hub of the bike and has specific rider qualities for that type of drive. 

Torque Rating  - 86 Nm - Provides enhanced power performance

Further information on the drive type benefits of electric bikes is available in ‘A Guide to Electric Bike Motors and Drive Types’ in our guides section of the home page.

Further information on the torque ratings of electric bikes is available in 'A Guide To Understanding Torque in 250W Electric Bike Motors' in our guides section of the home page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Himiway & big dog

Is the Zebra and big dog the same battery because I will like to share the battery with my wife. She have the zebra and I’ll like to buy big dog?

Many thanks

Hello Chris

Thank you for your question about the battery for the Big Dog and Zebra. Yes they are the same battery and you will be able to swap between the bikes.

We now have a good stock of Big Dog bikes and they come with £331.00 of free gifts including a helmet and flexible lock, plus £50.00 off the price of the bike with the code BIGDOG50OFF - simply paste the code into the discount box in the checkout area.

Alternatively a spare battery is available for the Zebra and Big Dog on our Himiway Accessories page.
If you have any further questions please let me know
Many thanks

Himiway Zebra

I’ve this version 2020 but, how can I get the throttle speed limit on?

Hi Joe, thank you for your question. The throttle speed for the UK is £15.5 MPH. Currently there is no longer a way to enhance the speed on the Zebra in the UK now that US type controllers are no longer available. I hope that answers your question. Many thanks, Ian

Dave S.
Dave. S

I bought the Cruiser but will buy it for my daughter next week.
I’ve seen the zebra battery is way bigger then the cruiser,

Himiway Zebra

What a great Electric Bike, quality is the best if long range I do 95 miles one charge…..,

Himiway Zebra

I loved it this e-bike, the range is amazing with pedal assist I do 80miles and now the US controller is available in EU & UK , it Unlocked the Throttle. 🥰

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