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We are continuing our series of blogs about our partner manufacturers with Himiway, a brand that started in the USA.

Himiway, a leading electric bike company, takes environmental sustainability to heart. Their commitment to eco-friendly transportation is evident in the entire lifecycle of their products. By promoting electric mobility, Himiway contributes to reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. The company prioritises energy-efficient components, such as Samsung batteries, ensuring a longer product lifespan. Himiway's dedication to creating durable, long-lasting electric bikes aligns with a greener ethos, encouraging users to embrace eco-conscious commuting. In choosing Himiway, riders not only experience the thrill of electric biking but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Himiway Collection
Himiway Cruiser and Cruiser ST on a harbour wall with the sea in the background

Urban All Terrain

All terrain fat tyre e-bikes are the corner stone for Himiway electric bike design and this includes the Cruiser and Cruiser Step Thru as well as the Zebra and Zebra Step Thru models as they redefine the riding experience. Engineered for diverse terrains, the Cruiser series promises a robust and exhilarating journey, while the Step Thru design adds ease to mounting and dismounting. The Zebra models seamlessly blend style with functionality, making urban commuting a joy. With their distinctive design and emphasis on versatility, Himiway's All Terrain e-bikes deliver a thrilling ride for enthusiasts who seek both performance and aesthetic appeal in their electric biking adventures.

Himiway Cruiser ST
Himiway King Cobra pro emtb in a field with the rising sun behind


Himiway's Pro MTB comes in two guises, the King Cobra and the Forest Cobra and they both define off-road biking with innovative features. Boasting a full four-linkage suspension, these bikes provide superb comfort and control on rugged terrains. Enhanced by hydraulic brakes, riders experience precise stopping power. The 48V 20Ah battery ensures an extended range for enduring adventures and with massive 26" x 4.8" wheels, these fat tyre bikes offer superior traction, conquering diverse landscapes with ease. Himiway's commitment to excellence is evident in the King Cobra and Forest Cobra, combining cutting-edge technology, robust design, and powerful performance for an exhilarating off-road cycling experience.

Himiway Cobra
Two Himiway Escape Pro electric bikes on a beach

Moped Style & Cargo

The Escape Pro, a moped-style e-bike, effortlessly combines style with practicality for urban exploration, providing a sleek and efficient alternative to traditional commuting. On the other hand, the Big Dog e-cargo bike stands out with ample storage and towing capacity, ensuring a seamless daily routine. Both models, featuring 26” fat tyres for stability, boast an extended range thanks to Samsung batteries coupled with a geared rear hub drive. These bikes not only prioritise endurance but also offer powerful and efficient performance, making the Himiway Escape Pro and Big Dog ideal choices for those seeking versatility and reliability both in the town and the country.

Himiway Escape Pro
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