Oxygen S-Cross ST Red close up of the top of battery and frame

Why We Like Oxygen E-Bikes

Oxygen Electric Bikes are a company based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. their E-Bikes are an eco-friendly form of transport, whilst promoting them for health and the environment.

Their range has been designed to be high specification & high quality and high performance for the price and their components are exceptional quality. They are designed and tested in the UK.

Oxygen Best Seller


  • Himiway Zebra Step Thru e-bike on a beach with rider

    Step Thru E-Bikes

    Step through e-bikes are perfect for effortless commuting and are suitable for most fitness levels. Get e-bike serious with a closer look at our electric step-through bikes in the Power Drive Bikes online store today and ride away with FREE delivery on any bike over £500. Shop now to ride with Power and Drive.

    Step Thru E-Bikes 
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    Urban and Commuter E-Bikes

    Whatever you want to do in town, commuting, shopping or with friends, using an electric bike with added power to the drive, is the way to go. We have a wide range of Urban Electric bikes, find one to suit your style and shop today for FREE delivery over £500!

    Urban and Commuter E-Bikes 
  • All Terrain and Mountain E-Bikes

    All-terrain mountain are ideal for adventurous riders seeking the thrill of off-road cycling and conquering challenging landscapes. Knobby tyres and suspension systems provide stability and control no matter where you ride. FREE delivery over £500 with Power Drive Bikes today.

    All Terrain and Mountain E-Bikes 
  • Fat Tyre Bikes power drive bikes

    Fat Tyre E-Bikes

    Versatile and fun to ride, Fat Tyre bikes have a great ability to handle different terrains. The wide tyres provide better stability and traction on surfaces like sand, snow, mud, and rocky trails. They can "float" over softer surfaces, preventing the fat tyres from sinking in. FREE delivery over £500, buy today.

    Fat Tyre E-Bikes 
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    Best Selling E-Bikes

    Welcome to Power Drive Bikes Best Sellers, where innovation meets the thrill of the ride. Explore our Best Selling E-Bikes category, curated for discerning riders seeking cutting-edge technology, performance, and style. Discover a diverse range of electric bikes that redefine mobility plus FREE delivery over £500 today.

    Best Selling E-Bikes 
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    E-Bike Bundles

    We are offering some incredible deals with our latest Himiway E-Bike bundles. Check out the best deals on the Zebra, Cruiser, Escape, Big Dog and Cobra ranges.
    They all have BIG savings with some great additions to these top selling E-Bikes. Buy a bundle today get FREE delivery over £500.

    E-Bike Bundles 

Elevate Your Ride with Oxygen E-Bikes

Discover the advanced performance and sleek design of the Oxygen electric bike collection. Engineered for both urban commutes and adventurous rides, Oxygen e-bikes offer a perfect blend of technology and comfort.

Why Choose Oxygen Electric Bikes?

Designed to deliver exceptional performance, oxygen electric bikes ensure a smooth and efficient ride in various conditions. Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Powerful Motors: every bike features a robust motor that delivers excellent speed and torque, making rugged rides effortless.
  • Long-Lasting Batteries: Equipped with avant battery technology, Oxygen e-bikes offer extended range, allowing you to travel further on a single charge.
  • Sturdy Structure: Made with the best-quality materials, these bikes ensure durability and dependability no matter where your journey takes you.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for maximum comfort, these bikes feature adjustable seats and handlebars to suit your riding technique.

Key Elements of Oxygen E-Bikes

  • High-Performance Braking System: Provides protection and control in all riding situations.
  • Advanced Suspension: Smoothens out bumps and rough terrain, providing a comfortable ride.
  • Integrated Display: An easy-to-read display that shows speed, battery level, and other essential information.
  • Eco-Friendly: It reduces your carbon footprint while offering an enjoyable ride.

Experience the oxygen advantage.

Oxygen electric bikes are more than just getting from one place to another; they enhance your riding experience. With their creative features and trustworthy interpretation, these bikes are ideal for anyone looking to elevate their daily commute or explore new trails.

  • Versatility: Excellent for city commuting and off-road experiences.
  • User-Friendly: Easy controls and intuitive layouts make these bikes accessible to all riders.
  • Excellent Customer Help: Our group is dedicated to addressing any queries or problems you may have.

Change your commutes with an Oxygen electric bike, where performance meets creation.