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The distinguished Italian electric bike manufacturer, not only excels in design and performance but also champions environmental sustainability. With a profound commitment to eco-friendly practices, MBM integrates energy-efficient components and materials in their electric bikes. The brand emphasizes the use of sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing the environmental impact. MBM's dedication to green mobility extends beyond their electric bikes, encompassing a holistic approach that aligns with the growing need for environmentally conscious transportation. Riding an MBM electric bike not only guarantees a thrilling journey but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

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MBM Rambla close up of the ebike motif 'Rambla' on the frame

Innovative Urban Solutions

MBM, a leading Italian electric bike manufacturer, redefines urban mobility with models like Pulze and Rambla. The Pulze, a sleek and nimble city cruiser, seamlessly fuses Italian elegance with cutting-edge electric technology. Meanwhile, the Rambla stands as a testament to MBM's commitment to adventure, delivering a powerful electric mountain biking experience. MBM's innovative approach ensures both city commuters and thrill-seekers can enjoy the epitome of style and performance on two wheels.

MBM Collection
MBM hyperion electric pro mountain bike close up of the battery and full suspension unit in a studio with a dark background and subtle lighting

Elegance and Performance

With the Kairos and Hyperion, MBM elevates the electric biking experience. The Kairos, an urban commuter's dream, marries elegance and efficiency, providing a stylish solution for navigating city streets. On the off-road front, the Hyperion emerges as a high-performance electric mountain bike, showcasing MBM's dedication to crafting models that redefine exploration, combining Italian design with cutting-edge engineering for an unparalleled riding experience.

MBM Hyperion
MBM La Rue Step thru electric bike, outside in a tennis court showing a close up of the handlebars and front light with MBM logo on the stem

Chic Cruisers

MBM's commitment to style shines through in the E-primavera and La Rue. The E-primavera, a chic electric cruiser, effortlessly combines retro aesthetics with modern functionality, delivering a unique and enjoyable riding experience. Simultaneously, the La Rue introduces a stylish and comfortable cruiser, revolutionizing classic cruising with electric power. MBM stands out in the electric biking world, not just for performance but for the artful fusion of fashion and function in their design philosophy.

MBM La Rue
MBM Chaos bike with 3 boys and their bikes under a tree in a field chatting and smiling on a sunny day with their bikes around them

Versatility and Craftsmanship

MBM's diverse lineup, featuring models like Funk, E-Metro, Apostrophe, Chaos, Metis, Erebus, and Sinope, reflects the brand's commitment to offering choices for every rider. The E-Metro, a versatile and agile urban companion, caters to city dwellers with efficiency. In contrast, the Chaos embodies adventure with its off-road capabilities. MBM's craftsmanship is evident in every model, ensuring that from the Metis to the Erebus and Sinope, riders experience the pinnacle of Italian design and innovation.

MBM Collection
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