Oxygen Logo on the main frame of a S-Cross CB ST MKII Red, seen from above

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Our series on our partner electric bike manufacturers this week turns to a Yorkshire based company, Oxygen Electric Bikes. 

Oxygen Electric bikes are handmade using aluminium alloy frames of the highest quality and feature the latest e-bike technology & components. They are all built to the highest European standard. Oxygen pride themselves on making sustainable transportation with a commitment to eco-friendly mobility. With an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, Oxygen's electric bikes stand at the forefront of environmentally conscious commuting. By leveraging cutting-edge battery technology, these bikes ensure a clean and efficient ride, contributing to a greener future. Their electric bike range exemplify the brand's dedication to crafting premium electric bikes with minimal environmental impact. From their design process to manufacturing, Oxygen prioritises sustainability, utilising recyclable materials where possible. Riding an Oxygen electric bike is not just a mode of transport; it's a conscious choice toward reducing one's carbon footprint, embodying the brand's vision for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Oxygen Collection
Oxygen S-CROSS MTB MKII taking a jump on a track

High Spec EMTB

Oxygen's commitment to quality and performance extends to their S-CROSS MTB MKII, a mountain biking marvel designed for challenging terrains. Its sturdy construction and advanced features provide riders with confidence to tackle the toughest trails. The high spec S-Cross MTB MKII features a well placed in frame 36v battery with three battery size options, 10.4ah, 13ah or 16ah. A new mounted backlit LCD display with six power assist levels, a 250w high torque motor, 27 speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes make the S-CROSS MTB MKII stands as a testament to off-road excellence, offering adventure enthusiasts a thrilling ride with its rugged all terrain design.

Oxygen S-CROSS CB ST MKII Red with rider taken looking down on the front of the bike as it is moving along a road

Elegant Efficiency

On the urban front, the S-CROSS ST MKII embodies a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency, making city commuting a delightful experience. The S-Cross ST urban bike can easily take to the countryside as a formidable trekking bike that has been designed with a discrete 36v battery in the frame and it comes with the option of 3 battery sizes, 10.4ah, 13ah or 16ah. The ST has 3 power modes with 6 power assist levels, making it a breeze to ride. The centrally mounted  LCD display has a backlight for ease of reading at all times of the day or night and it even has a handlebar mounted USB port to charge mobile devices directly from the battery. It has a powerful 36v, high torque, 250w motor with 24 speed microshift gearing, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and mudguards fitted front and rear. The pannier rack plus lights all round make this an excellent ride in the city, town or country. The S-Cross ST MKII is available in matt black or matt red finish.

Oxygen S-Cross ST MKII Red
Oxygen S-Cross CB Urban with rider on a road in the evening on a wet day

Engineered For The Ride

Oxygen's dedication to diverse biking shines through in their range of premium electric bikes and the S-CROSS CB MKII is no exception, emphasising versatility and appealing to those with a penchant for varied terrains. The bike has a powerful 250w motor and has been designed with a 36v battery  in the frame, which comes in a choice of 3 sizes, 10.4ah, 13ah or 16ah. A 24 gear speed microshift gearing system means no hill is out of bounds, with Shimano disc brakes providing the stopping power on the other side. The backlit LCD display is mounted on the handlebars and has 6 power assist levels plus a further option of 3 power modes. A handlebar mounted USB port for charging mobile devices from the bikes battery is a standard fitting as are front and rear mudguards, a pannier rack and full lighting. This capable electric bike, which caters to riders seeking a comfortable journey on diverse surfaces with its well-engineered design, is more than ready for a ride.

Oxygen GO! folding bike on a railway station platform with rider waiting for a train

Compact Convenience

In the realm of compact convenience, Oxygen introduces the Go! Folding bike, showcasing the brand's ingenuity. This folding electric bike combines portability with performance, offering a practical solution for those with space constraints or a penchant for on-the-go adventures. With Oxygen Go! riders not only embrace eco-friendly transportation but also enjoy a spectrum of options, each meticulously crafted to cater to specific preferences. The Go! is lightweight, only weighing 19.5kg including the weight of the battery. It has a backlit LCD display with 5 power assist levels, a 250W brushless motor, 7 speed tourney Shimano gearing, a 36v 10.4ah battery and 20″ wheels. The Oxygen Go! Folding bike represents a harmonious convergence of practicality and efficiency, adding a touch of convenience to the brand's electric bike repertoire. 

Oxygen Go!
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